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The UK Telecom Tariff Comparisons web site is dedicated to providing totally independent comparisons of telecommunications tariffs in the UK. Forget all the discounts claimed in advertisements and check the real saving over BT. 

Magenta Systems started this comparison in August 1995 and it's been updated regularly ever since, currently the tariffs are updated monthly and the numbering database weekly.  

Information Available to Business Members

The Tariff Comparison currently comprises the following tables:

  • Business Telephone Tariffs
  • Residential Telephone Tariffs
  • Line Rentals
  • Tariff Packages
  • Special Service Telephone Codes
  • International Telephone Codes
  • International Mobile Codes
  • National Telephone Codes
  • Indirect Access Codes
  • Forthcoming Code Changes 
  • Directory Enquiry Codes
  • Operators and Notes  
  • Unlimited access to CodeLook
  • Acrobat (PDF) Books that can be printed

These tables may be viewed as web pages, or downloaded in zip files as Excel or Lotus 123 spreadsheets, and as text files for importing into databases.

Some of the features of our CodeLook dialling code lookup are available using a Json API, for business and numbering members that prefer to integrate our data into their own systems rather than downloading data files or using a web page. 

This Json API is designed for casual use only, similarly to the CodeLook web page, not for sequentially trawling the database, the API tracks usage, business trade users are permitted 50 requests within 24 hours, numbering members 500 requests, before further requests are rejected, the limit for numbering member can be negotiated. Currently, the most popular CodeLook numbering queries are available as Json APIs, but other queries can be added, please just ask. We don't plan to offer any call costing or broadband cabinet lookup APIs.. Full documentation is available at CodeLook Json API Documentation.

The Tariff Comparison does not include any wholesale prices or inbound call costs or payments (0800, premium, etc), or leased line prices.

Information Available to Residential Members

Similar to Business, but no business tariffs or Acrobat (PDF) Books. 

Information Available to Numbering and Database Members

Similar to Business, but also more CSV files containing the same numbering information used behind CodeLook, see Numbering and Database Products.

Member Pricing

CodeLook Member Free Provides unlimited access to CodeLook, available for non-commercial use by the various public authorities that use CodeLook to trace telecom operators.  Requests for access should be from a government email address. 
Residential Member £15 per year including VAT While non-members can preview the tariffs, members have access to the original spreadsheets and all dialling code information. Logon for one person, unlimited access for 12 months.
Business Member (end users) £75 per year excluding VAT Business Members have full access to this site, including business, residential, and dialling code information, and all the spreadsheets and Acrobat (PDF) versions which can be easily printed. This category is aimed at end users, not those in the telecom business and excludes businesses that want a link from this site. Logons for three people, unlimited access for 12 months.
Business Member (trade) £150 per year excluding VAT Similar to above, but for telecom operators, dealers, resellers and consultants. The additional benefit will be promotion of the business via this site. Logons for six people, unlimited access for 12 months
Numbering Member £1,000 for first year excluding VAT Provides Business Member (trade) services and a single license for the Magenta UK Numbering Database for use by the member only. Subsequent years are charged at £300. This membership offers comma separated variable text files of the numbering database information.  Sample extracts can be provided on request. The numbering database is a snapshot of current numbers and tariff bands, usually updated weekly.
Database Member £2,000 for first year, excluding VAT Provides Business Member (trade) services and a single license for the Magenta SQL Telecom Database. Subsequent years are charged at £1,000. This membership offers a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2/2012 database with both numbering and tariff information, containing stored procedures to access the content, exactly the same database that drives this web site.  For use with other SQL databases, CSV files are also be available. The SQL database is historic, containing old and current numbering and tariff information allowing telephone calls to be costed as at a specified date.

To apply for membership, please complete the Membership Form on the secure server. This may be done on-line with a credit card number, or the form may be printed and posted or faxed.


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